X-Ray Technologist Certification

What certification is required, state-by-state?

Most X-ray technologists become certified by passing a test given by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, or ARRT. X-ray technologists must also have attended an accredited AART school to be eligible to take the exam.

Additionally, X-ray technologists must take courses to be recertified on a regular basis. Though this may vary state to state, attending an accredited school and passing the exam are the surest ways to begin your career as an X-ray technologist.

Are there different types of X-Ray certifications you can get?

X-ray technologists can choose to gain additional training in order to become more specialized.  No specific certifications are required, and the additional training will usually take place in the workplace. For example, X-ray technologists may have more expertise at taking X-rays of different parts of the body. They may become proficient in using other types of scanning machines, such as MRI machines or CT scans.

What type of certification do you need to work in the highest paying areas for X-Ray Technologists?

You will need the same basic certification as any X-ray technologist, which is to attend an ARRT accredited school and pass the ARRT exam. The highest paying jobs for X-ray technologists are dependent on the workplace of the technologist, rather than on the specialty.